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    AGAMENON PROJECT / SETE STAR SEPT Split CD-R ’13 (Brazilian one-man grindcore VS Japanese noisegrind duo) 80 B.- / $3
    ANAL IMPALEMENT “Ultra Splattering Goregrind” CD-R ’13 (Fra – Goregrind) 80 B.- / $3
    APOCALYPTOR “Atomical Devastation” Demo CD-R ’14 (Fin – Metallic punk/hc/crust) 80 B.- / $3
    APOKALYPTIC WARLUST / MEPHISTOPHELIAN “Dogs of War Gather For Attack” Split CD-R ’03 (Both USA. – War-themed black metal, Misanthropic black metal) @ TripleSix
    ATRESIA / BOMBEROS / MALKAVIAN / RECTO RECTORS “Italian Grindcore Mattanza” 4-way Split CD-R ’03 (All Ita – Hate/grindcore, Brutal grind/noise, Violent grindcore, Grindcore) @ TripleSix
    CARMINA / AMETHYSTE / ATROPHY / DARKLORD “Obscure Infinity” 4-way Split CD-R ’04 (Fra/Fra/Fra/Australia – Brutal death metal, Brutal death/black metal) @ TripleSix
    COFFIN BORN “Crush The Lifeless Spawn” Demo CD-R ’03 (USA. – Death/grind with black metal influence) @ TripleSix
    CREPUSCULE FOREST EP CD-R ’14 (USA. – Apocalyptic doom metal) 80 B.- / $3
    DEAD BODY MARKET “Murder Party” CD-R ’14 (Ita – Horrified gorenoise) 80 B.- / $3
    DIAGONAL DE SANGRE “Paraguay – Esclavitud – Jamas!” Demo CD-R ’08 (Paraguay – Death grind metal) @ TripleSix
    EMBALMED SOULS “Six Rites of Possession” CD-R ’09 (Bra – Long-surviving old-school dark death metal – 6 new songs recorded live during a rehearsal, plus Demo ’05 as bonus tracks) @ TripleSix
    EMORTUALIS “Re-writted By Death : After 16 years of tomb” CD-R ’09 (Ita – Exhumation of an old death metal band from the dark past of Italy. A collection of all materials that were recorded and saved from the years) 80 B.- / $3  
    EMPTINESS SOUL “Without You” Album CD-R ’11 (Rus – Depressive black metal) @ TripleSix
    EPITIMIA / GMORK “Солнечный ветер / Четыре сезона” Re-released Split CD-R ’12 (Both Rus – A very solid split release of two Russian atmospheric black metal hordes. If you’re looking to expand your musical horizons, this one is for you) @ TripleSix
    FRAGILITATEM “Anti-Life” Album CD-R ’12 (Rus – Depressive black metal) 80 B.- / $3
    FRENTRUM “Dalle Profondita” EP CD-R ’14 (Ita – Lo-fi black metal. Pro-CD-R comes w/ a Bible page) 80 B.- / $3
    GMORK “…In Embrace of Cold White Dust” Re-released EP CD-R ’10 (Rus – Experimental avantgarde ambient EP from this Russian black metal horde) @ TripleSix
    GOREMPIRE “Bloodfeast” EP CD-R ’09 (Rus – NS black metal)(Bra – Powerful death metal with influences from old Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse & Brutal Truth) @ TripleSix
    HERCOBULUS “Mente Enferma” Demo CD-R ’07 (Mex – Thrash metal. Xeroxed paper w/ info as cover) 40 B.- / $2
    IMPERIUS PROFANUS “Barbaria” Demo CD-R ’08 (Bra – Black metal) 80 B.- / $3
    KUTH “De ritu gentilium” Demo CD-R ’13 (Hun – Great black metal which summons the atmosphere of ancient rituals) 80 B.- / $3
    REPULSIVE EXCREMENTAL CRYPT “Two” CD-R ’12 (Mex – Goregrind – Contains 2 demos from ’07 & ’08) 80 B.- / $3
    SATANIC TORMENT “Goat Orgy” Demo CD-R ’14 (Fin – Primitive ugly black/death metal) 80 B.- / $3
    SKUTY LODEM “Fantom Bez Twarzy” Demo CD-R ’01 (Pol – Dark/melodious ambient) @ TripleSix
    THE FALLEN “Demo I” Demo CD-R ’11 (Chi – Very oppressive death/doom metal) 80 B.- / $3
    V/A TOTAL DEATH Compilation Part II CD-R (19 tracks from bands like Repossession, Wishmaster, Mortar, Empheris, Eversor, Embrional, Valinor, etc.) @ TripleSix
    VINTAGE SOLEMNITY “Curtains Of Adjectives” Demo CD-R ’00 (Tur – Dark occult metal with astral atmosphere) @ TripleSix
    VOGT “Paura” Album CD-R ’12 (Spa – Professional CD-R with 70 minutes of Dronescape/noise/ambient for lunatics of Sunn O))), Brian Eno, Vond & The Angelic Process) @ TripleSix
    WITCHTIGER Demo CD-R ’14 (Fin – Doom-influenced traditional heavy metal) 80 B.- / $3