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    [ This section includes T-shirts, Patches, DVDs and some second-hand stuff ]
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    [ Second-hand CD’s ]
    MERRIMACK “Ashes of Purification” CD (Fra – Black metal – Nightmare Prods. release) 350 B.- / $9
    V/A “To The Triumph Of Evil – A Tribute To JUDAS ISCARIOT” CD (Made in Greece – 14 bands! No description necessary, this is a must-have for fans of this cult US black metal band!) 450 B.- / $12
    DAMASCUS “Cold Horizon” CD (UK – Compilation with tracks from the 12″ EP & from the second Amazon studio demo session by this New Wave Of British Heavy Metal legend!) 550 B.- / $15
    FORGJORD “Henkeen ja vereen” CD (Fin – Black metal – avg. 93% rating on Metal Archives) 450 B.- / $12
    AZAGHAL “Codex Antitheus” CD (Fin – Black metal – avg. 83% rating on Metal Archives) 350 B.- / $9
    DEAD INFECTION “Brain Corrosion” CD (Pol – Legendary Polish goregrind masters!) 450 B.- / $12
    FUNERAL FOG “Channelling Ancient Shadows” CD (Can – Black metal – 89% rating on Metal Archives) 350 B.- / $9
    ELYSIAN BLAZE “Cold Walls and Apparitions” CD (Australia – Depressive black/funeral doom metal – avg. 80% rating on Metal Archives) 450 B.- / $12
    BLACKDEATH “Fucking Fullmoon Foundation” CD (Rus – Black metal) 450 B.- / $12
    ABIGAIL “Ultimate Unholy Death” CD (Jap – Black/thrash metal – This is First press from ’05) 500 B.- / $13
    BILSKIRNIR “In Flames Of Purification” CD (Ger – A masterpiece of Pagan NS black metal – Millenium Metal Music release) 500 B.- / $13
    AUTUMNIA “In Loneliness Of Two Souls” CD (Ukr – Melodic doom/death metal – Long out of print, an absolutely essential release for anybody into this genre! – 96% rating on Metal Archives) 450 B.- / $12
    GODLESS NORTH “Summon The Age Of Supremacy” CD (Can – A monumental release of absolutely essential orthodox black metal from Canada) 450 B.- / $12
    ARSONIST LODGE “Perkele, Antikristus ja Vaara Profeetta” MCD (Fin – Church-burning black metal – 100% rating on Metal Archives) 350 B.- / $9
    FOG “Through The Eyes Of Night… Winged They Come” CD (USA. – Black metal – avg. 91% rating on Metal Archives) 400 B.- / $10
    NIHIL NOCTURNE “Necrohell” CD (Ger – True fucking German black metal, raw and necro, yet cleverly structured with acoustic and keyboard parts – avg. 87% rating on Metal Archives) 400 B.- / $10
    DEBAUCHERY “Dead Scream Symphony” MCD (USA. – Ritualistic black metal with a strong horrific atmosphere. This EP was the first post-Judas Iscariot project Akhenaten put together after ending his most well-known creation) 350 B.- / $9
    GRAVEN “Perished and Forgotten” CD (Ger – Raw and hateful black metal, featuring member of Vargsang – avg. 84% rating on Metal Archives) 400 B.- / $10
    WITCHMASTER “Violence & Blasphemy” CD (Pol – Excellent, old-school Satanic black/thrash metal attack) 450 B.- / $12
    OBTEST “Is Kartos I Karta” CD (Lit – Legendary Lithuanian pagan metal heroes with their great third album brings forth yet unheard catchiness of heathen war heavy metal) 350 B.- / $9
    ARKONA / MOONTOWER “W szponach wojennej bestii” Split CD (Both Pol – Mighty pagan black metal, True Antichristian black metal war) 400 B.- / $10
    JUDAS ISCARIOT “The Cold Earth Slept Below…” CD (USA. – The forefather of US black metal’s massive debut album. Cold, barbaric & medieval black metal in the Norse tradition with superior Anti-christian and Nietzche-ian ideology) 500 B.- / $13
    MALLEUS MALEFICARUM “Des bibles, des hymnes, des icons…” CD (Fra – Straightforward raw black metal – 95% rating on Metal Archives) 450 B.- / $12
    VITSAUS “Iati Vihassa ja Kunniassa” Double CD (Fin – Cold and raw black metal in the spirit of the glorious age of Norwegian black metal. This double CD contains all three of the band’s demos, complete with lyrics and new artwork – avg. 84% rating on Metal Archives) 400 B.- / $10
    DARVULIA “L’Alliance des Venins” CD (Fra – Masterful second album from this grim & occult French black metal masters – avg. 87% rating on Metal Archives) 350 B.- / $9
    [ Second-hand tapes ]
    JUDAS PRIEST “Turbo” MC [Mfd. by Columbia Recs./CBS Inc. 1986] 220 B.- / $6
    FAITH NO MORE “The Real Thing” MC [Mfd. by Reprise Recs. 1989] 220 B.- / $6
    ZZ TOP “Recycler” MC [Mfd. by Warner Bros. Recs. Inc. 1990] 220 B.- / $6
    ZZ TOP “Greatest Hits” MC [Mfd. by Warner Music Manufacturing Europe (Germany) 1992] 220 B.- / $6
    DEF LEPPARD “Adrenalize” MC [Mfd. by Phonogram Ltd. (London) 1992] 220 B.- / $6
    ALKEHOL “Odpocivej v pokoji…” MC [Monitor-EMI Recs. s.r.o. 1996] (Still sealed) 180 B.- / $5
    MAGNUM “Marauder” MC [Castle Classics 1987] 220 B.- / $6
    ACCEPT “Kaizoku-Ban” MC [Mfd. by Portrait Recs./CBS Inc. 1985] 220 B.- / $6
    TESTAMENT “First Strike Still Deadly” MC [Burnt Offerings Inc. 2001 – Cover printed in Malaysia, Cassette tape pressed in Thailand by S.Stack] 180 B.- / $5