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    • SVP releases are not showing up in this Distribution section. Just click on RELEASES in the menu above.


    7″ EP’s

    [ All the 7″ EP / MLP / LP titles listed below “at this moment”, you have to check & order at Triple Six Metal Shop. Will try to add the titles we got in soon to this list ]

    AQUER / THE TRUE ENDLESS “United By Demonical Obsession” Split EP ’06 (Chi/Ita – Black/thrash metal, Raw black metal) @ TripleSix
    CULTUS / MESLAMTAEA “De dodenstoet / Klaagzang” Split EP ’05 [This’s the second edition released in ’08] (Both Hol – Intolerant pagan black metal, From technical black thrashing metal project, now even better songwriting in a more progressive & folkish style) @ TripleSix
    DEVILRY / RAVENING Split EP ’04 (Both Fin – Blackened death metal, Satanic death metal) @ TripleSix
    DUNGEON HAMMER / RUST “Frozen Wasteland / Summon the Burning” Split EP ’10 (Fra/Hol, Swe – Most ancient kind of black metal for fans of Celtic Frost, Venom & Motorhead, Black/thrash metal outfit in the style of Tangorodrim or the last three Darkthrone’s albums) @ TripleSix
    GOAT MESSIAH / TRIBURON “Alliance Helvetia” Split EP ’08 (Both Swiss – Black metal, Deathrash metal) @ TripleSix
    SZARLEM “Screams from a Chamber” EP ’09 (Ger – Raw black metal / Side project of Front Beast) @ TripleSix



    SOVEREIGN “Rehearsal 1995″ 10″ MLP ’10 (Bra – Pure raw black metal. 3 unreleased tracks from the earliest Sovereign recordings) @ TripleSix



    – Not available yet –