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    4. About distro items :
    • Limited stock, so email first for availability.
    The unbold items w/ descriptions in grey with the text of “@ TripleSix” mean there may be last copies available at Triple Six Metal Shop [Not our own shop, but they’re our supportive ally that assist in the sale of some SVP releases & distro titles through their shop located in Bangkok]. Go to the Links section and go ask them directly to check to see if the items you need are still available. You could get lucky there. They ship worldwide too. Please do not ask for those items from us.
    • SVP releases are not showing up in this Distribution section. Just click on RELEASES in the menu above.

    ABYSMAL SCULPTURES ‘ZINE # 7 (Sin; Infernal Goat, Sabbatical Rites, Embrace Of Thorns, Nihilistic Holocaust Distro, Incisor, Dead Center Prods./Antichrist ‘zine, etc.) @ TripleSix
    ANTICHRIST ‘ZINE # 13 (Ukr/pro-printed & comes w/ 2 Comp. CDs! feat. 38 decent u/g bands in total; Blasphemy, Goatpenis, Revenge, Hirax, Cobra, Embrace Of Thorns, Necros Christos, Funeral Winds, Vomitor, Anal Blasphemy, etc.) 250 B.- / $7
    ANTICHRIST ‘ZINE # 9 (Ukr/pro-printed; Witchtrap, Graveyard, Hellhound, Unlight, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Wizard, Agathodaimon, etc.) @ TripleSix
    BLACK BLOOD ‘ZINE # 4 (Gre; Prosanctus Inferi, Unburied, Chainsaw, Necroscope ‘zine, No Posers Please![label], etc.) @ TripleSix
    BLUTVERGIESSEN MAG. # 4 (Ger/pro-printed & comes w/ Iut de Asken Comp. CD feat. 19 great BM bands; Angantyr, Cultus, Hailstorm/Sagittarius, Melechesh, Puissance, etc.) @ TripleSix
    BLUTVERGIESSEN MAG. # 5 (Ger/pro-printed & comes w/ Iut de Asken Comp. CD feat. 22 great u/g bands [mostly BM]; Goatpenis, Torr, Celestia, Infinity, Kroda, etc.) @ TripleSix
    BYLEC-TUM MAG. # 14 (Ita; Bahimiron, Mord, Bloodaxe, Graupel, Acrimonious, Marblebog, etc.) @ TripleSix
    CARBONIZED CELLS ‘ZINE # 1 (Fra/A5-sized; Bloody Sign, Stench Of Decay, Resistance, Necros, Xanadoo, Under Siege Recs., etc.) @ TripleSix
    DE UMBRIS ‘ZINE # 1 (Gre/includes a Comp. CD-R with the bands featured in this issue; Infernal Funeral, Astra Autisma, Armed Death, Winter Solace Prods., Primeval Mass, Aka Manah, etc.) @ TripleSix
    DEADLY ILLNESS ‘ZINE # 2 (Hun/A5-sized; Crucifist, Excoriate, Hatespawn, Lie In Ruins, Obskure Torture, etc.) @ TripleSix
    DEADLY ILLNESS ‘ZINE # 3 (Hun/A5-sized; Bastard Priest, Adversarial, Ascended, Witchsorrow, Grind Crusher, Baxaxaxa, Ydintuho, etc.) @ TripleSix
    ESCRITAS DO SUBSOLO ‘ZINE # 4 (Por; Annthennath, Einsamtod, Empty, Egg Of Nihilism Prods., Mandatory, The Frost, Cult Of Erinyes, Der, etc.) @ TripleSix
    EVIL’S BEST ‘ZINE # 2 (Israel/A5-sized; Ancient Rites, Apokalyptic Raids, Gehennah, Superchrist, Golgolot, Sacrificial Blood, etc.) @ TripleSix
    FORGOTTEN CHAPEL ‘ZINE # 7 (Pol; Death Invoker, Unburied, Legion Of Death Recs., Thy Funeral, Moder, The Thorn, Gallileous, etc.) @ TripleSix
    HEREGE WARFARE ‘ZINE # 3 (Por/A5-sized; Desaster, Xerion, Koltum, Flagelador, Atomik Destruktor, Necroscope ‘zine, Inquisitor, etc.) @ TripleSix
    IRON HAMMER ‘ZINE # 4 (Ger/A5-sized; Manzer, Funerary Bell, Nocturnal Vomit, Bestial Raids, Cruel Force, Goat Tyrant, Doombringer, etc.) @ TripleSix
    LUCIFER’S HAMMER MAG. # 1 (Can/A5-sized; Asphyx, Dismember, Archgoat, Desaster, Funerot, Anal Vomit, Canadian Assault ‘zine, Blood Harvest Recs., etc.) 160 B.- / $5
    NOISE GATE ‘ZINE # 3 (Macedonia/A5-sized; Evil Blood, Entrails, Deadly Mosh, Hatchery, Violator, Infest, etc.) @ TripleSix
    REST IN PAIN ‘ZINE # 1 (Pol; Fucking weird ‘zine, which was wholly hand written! Nagual, Mort Douce, Vampir ‘zine, Deathstorm, Putrid Cult [label], Armagedon, Toxemia, etc.) 130 B.- / $4
    SATANIK TERRORIST ELITE ‘ZINE # 3 (Mex;  Eliminator, Godslaying Hellblast, Satanic Malediction ‘zine, Morbid Goat Fornicator, Death Invoker, Ominous Crucifix, Dybbuk Recs., Hellscourge, etc.) 170 B.- / $5
    SHRUNKEN & MUMMIFIED ‘ZINE # 6 (Hun; Age Of Agony, Carpe Noctem, Blacksmith Prods., May Result, Litham, etc.) @ TripleSix
    SOLEIL TRYSTE ‘ZINE # 1 (Ger/Half-letter cross-format; Apathia, Skepticism, Kult, Ostra Recs., Faulnis, Subvertio Deus, etc.) @ TripleSix
    TRIBAL CONVICTIONS ‘ZINE # 2 (Pol; Sadistic Gore, Bastard Priest, Deathgasm Recs., Cryptic Tales, Poisonous, Bitterness, etc.) @ TripleSix 
    TRIBAL CONVICTIONS ‘ZINE # 4 (Pol; NecroWretch, My Own Grave, Inferis, Bestial Invasion Recs., Chaos Synopsis, Intestinal, Pyrophoric, etc.) @ TripleSix
    TRIDENT NATION ‘ZINE # 3 (Phi; Archgoat, Devil Lee Rot, Nargaroth, Proclamation, Adorior, Atomicide, Destruktor, Deiphago, etc.) @ TripleSix
    UNDERWORLD ‘ZINE & COMPILATION # 5 (Phi/includes a Comp. CD with the bands featured in this issue;  Morgengrau, Severance, Incapacitate, Mongrels Cross, Disigurement, Hod, Fester, Usul, etc.) 170 B.- / $5
    ZAPISNIK ‘ZINE # 3 (Montenegro; Christicide, Nocturnal Blood, Arphaxat, Abhorrot, Communion, Goatreich 666, Cumming Jehovah, etc.) @ TripleSix