Destruktor Recs. [From Peru] Looking back on it, I shouldn’t have trusted this scumbag label, which was completely unknown to me. This taught me a lot that I shouldn’t do trade (esp. big one) with those I’m unfamiliar with, particularly from suspicious territories. This u/g leech named ‘Luis’ Estupinan Duda still owes his part (59 tapes, 2 EPs, some master+ covers and a T-shirt) from the trade nearly 3 years ago! The last time I got his another repetitive absurd lie saying that he already sent the stuff was in August 2016 and undoubtedly since then nothing has been received and there has been no response ever since. However, as the months went by, this bastard possibly grew in his familiarity with my email bombardment, which will never stop anyway!!!
!!Avoid!! —–> Means fucking trap!

Black Goat Terrorist 666 [From Ecuador, another rip-off label from South America I’ve faced. This was the second trade in early 2015 between me and this scum named Guillermo Garces Lecaro as the first, long-ago one turned out good] But this time the guy appeared to be a cheater and had been giving false promise all the time to send his part (45 tapes and 7 CDs). Finally he has simply just been ignoring my emails. And no sign till now. Just do an internet search, you will see how disreputable this guy is as a trader/seller! So never make a deal with this motherfucker and beware of his band, Nihil Domination too!!!

Total Desaster Prods. [From Argentina, this very damn SLOW “even it was just a small trade” and total LACK OF RESPONSIBILITY in trade deal named Luis Mogro] Just simply the trade we agreed as his 12 tapes and 4 CDs. This lazy bastard took time for about 5 months or more to send his part. Yet some of the gotten stuffs were incomplete like there was a lack of some tape covers, 3 missing tapes, bad condition of a few tape labels due to his idiotic wrapping… Of course, NO resending to solve this problem since Sep. 2015, although I asked and asked. Just a bullshit excuse and promise! So avoid this bad irresponsible trader unless you want to experience this shit!!!
– Finally PROBLEM SOLVED Oct. 16, 2016. – But vengeance is mine!